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angularjs superheroic javascript mvw framework - extensibility angularjs is a toolset for building the framework most suited to your application development it is fully extensible and works well with other libraries, github angular ui bootstrap please read the project - please read the project status below native angularjs angular directives for bootstrap smaller footprint 20kb gzipped no 3rd party js dependencies jquery bootstrap js required please read the readme md file before submitting an issue angular ui bootstrap, mastering web application development with angularjs - peter bacon darwin has been programming for over two decades he worked with net from before it was released he contributed to the development of ironruby and was an it consultant for avanade and imgroup before quitting to share his time between freelance development and looking after his kids, learn angularjs step by step learn angularjs - learn angularjs step by step a better way to learn angularjs learn angularjs step by step or if you are looking to learn angularjs in depth this is a right place to get in depth knowledge of angularjs or angular 2 4 5 because explanation articles videos and other materials are very niche high quality and are not just theory based but they are practical step by step project based and to, ui ux angularjs nodejs mongodb training - training was excellent learned a lot of new topics in testing selenium and soap ui since i knew java and sql before the training pace was good and i was able to keep up with learning new topics, why use angularjs in 2018 in web application building - why use angularjs in 2018 in web development reasons benefits pros and cons usage statistic and comparison with angular 2 successful cases and examples features tips and tricks, github jmcunningham angularjs learning a bunch of links - a bunch of links to blog posts articles videos etc for learning angularjs, angular directives for bootstrap angularui for angularjs - angular 2 for angular 2 support check out ng bootstrap created by the ui bootstrap team dependencies this repository contains a set of native angularjs directives based on bootstrap s markup and css as a result no dependency on jquery or bootstrap s javascript is required, angularjs chat basic tutorial - angularjs chat tutorial this tutorial is for you if you are a software developer specifically an angular js software developer this walk through is open source and free mit style you can also get started with the angularjs chat github repository or you can use npm bower packages to acquire the dependencies you need to follow along, angularjs ui grid angular grid renders but doesn t - actually i m accessing the data property inside the response object response is an object which consists of data property and others the json is in data, 11 best freelance angularjs developers for hire in dec - toptal is a marketplace for top angularjs developers engineers programmers coders architects and consultants top companies and start ups choose toptal angularjs freelancers for their mission critical software projects, a better way to learn angularjs thinkster - congratulations on taking the plunge this angularjs course is built with the intent of exposing you to the best available resources on each angular topic our desire is to present these topics richly and from a variety of vantage points in order to afford you a more complete perspective on them, 10 reasons why you should use angularjs sitepoint - here are 10 reasons why you should be using angular today 1 mvc done right most frameworks implement mvc by asking you to split your app into mvc components then require you to write code to, uploading to s3 with angularjs cheyne wallace - a little while back i found myself needing to handle file uploads without touching the application server this is a common scenario for people using heroku as they limit all requests to 30 seconds which in theory sounds fine for most requests but destroys any chance you have at directly handling file uploads within your application, onsen ui 2 beautiful html5 hybrid mobile app framework - a rich variety of ui components specially designed for mobile apps onsen ui provides tabs side menu stack navigation and tons of other components such as lists and forms they all have ios and android material design support with automatic styling that will change the appearance of the app based, angularjs spring security using basic authentication - this post shows how an angularjs application can consume a rest api which is secured with basic authentication using spring security post secure spring rest api with basic authentication shows in great details how to secure a rest api using basic authentication with spring security that application will serve as a back end for this example