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the 13 american colonies new york social studies for kids - the 13 colonies of america new york founded 1626 by peter minuit and others on manhattan island major industry manufacturing shipbuilding iron works agriculture cattle grain rice indigo wheat major cities new york city albany colony named for duke of york became a state july 26 1788, province of new york wikipedia - the province of new york 1664 1776 was a british proprietary colony and later royal colony on the northeast coast of north america as one of the thirteen colonies new york achieved independence and worked with the others to found the united states in 1664 during the second anglo dutch war the dutch province of new netherland in america was awarded by charles ii of england to his, history of new york city wikipedia - the written history of new york city began with the first european explorer the italian giovanni da verrazzano in 1524 european settlement began with the dutch in 1609 the sons of liberty destroyed british authority in new york city and the stamp act congress of representatives from throughout the thirteen colonies met in the city in 1765 to organize resistance to british policies, new jersey colony facts softschools com - the new jersey colony was one of america s original 13 colonies the original 13 colonies were divided into three regions including the new england colonies the middle colonies and the southern colonies the new jersey colony was one of the middle colonies which also included the new york colony, new france definition history map britannica com - new france french nouvelle france 1534 1763 the french colonies of continental north america initially embracing the shores of the st lawrence river newfoundland and acadia nova scotia but gradually expanding to include much of the great lakes region and parts of the trans appalachian west, united states the new england colonies britannica com - united states the new england colonies although lacking a charter the founders of plymouth in massachusetts were like their counterparts in virginia dependent upon private investments from profit minded backers to finance their colony the nucleus of that settlement was drawn from an enclave of english migr s in leiden holland now in the netherlands, colonial new jersey history of the usa - the first settlements in new jersey were made by the dutch along the western bank of the hudson with one on the delaware at fort nassau but these settlements were insignificant and the history of the colony properly begins with the occupation of the territory by the english, a bee mogul confronts the crisis in his field the new - a bee mogul confronts the crisis in his field beekeeping on an industrial scale is central to american agriculture and colony collapse has proved to be a severe test, money in the american colonies eh net - money in the american colonies ron michener university of virginia there certainly can t be a greater grievance to a traveller from one colony to another than the different values their paper money bears, sparknotes the american revolution 1754 1781 - from a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes the sparknotes the american revolution 1754 1781 study guide has everything you need to ace quizzes tests and essays